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Smart Delivery Service in Minneapolis, Minnesota Receives TSA Certification

It was easy to ship packages via commercial carriers such as American Airlines and Delta Airlines before 9/11. Since then it has become difficult for courier services such as Smart Delivery Service to ship packages via passenger airlines to other cities due to revised security standards. We have highlighted some of the relevant provisions. It may seem at first glance that the federal government is committed to use only a few TSA Approved companies for air cargo shipments, but a closer look reveals a wide-open market for companies willing to undergo an extensive certification process.

The TSA certification has to do with the chain of custody of freight that goes on a plane. It makes sure that you understand what to look for, what paperwork is needed to be filled out and what you as a driver/holder of the freight needs to do to ensure the safety of the general public and to maintain the integrity of the chain of custody.

TSA certification becomes a problem for small business courier industries. Our Senior Vice President, Shawn Benjamin, joined Smart Delivery Service in July 2010. Shawn saw a niche in the air cargo business and initiated our certification in the Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP) . Mr. Benjamin’s experience enabled us to ease the process to be certified as an Indirect Air Carrier. This enables us to transport packages and large shipments via commercial carriers. As a TSA approved Courier Service, our drivers must be approved by the TSA to carry shipments into the air cargo area. “This is a unique opportunity for couriers like Smart Delivery Service and same-day courier services to enter into the Expedited Nationwide Delivery and Airport Deliveries”, said Mr. Shawn Benjamin. In today’s world of fast-moving time-sensitive shipments, you need a company large enough to fill your needs, but not so large that your important shipments are lost in the mix. Our professional, courteous couriers as part of our team, we fit the criteria. For your next Air Cargo shipment, contact Smart Delivery Service or call 612-405-0000.

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