Medical Courier Services in Dallas and Minneapolis

Medical Courier Smart Delivery Service understands that facilitating medical courier deliveries is extremely important as it has a massive impact on patients' lives. Meticulous handling of medical related deliveries is critical to maintain an efficient supply chain. In fact, our knowledge of regulations, cutting edge technology and our fine-tuned drivers with proper training, ensure the safe handling of your medical deliveries. STAT delivery services demand strict compliance to federal, state, and client specific guidelines. Our well-trained & experienced staff have the skills to understand the needs of various medical deliveries and comply with OSHA & HIPAA procedures.  Earning trust is a very important factor in critical deliveries in the medical industries. Our uniformed courier drivers with photo Id provide the confidence every time when they make the pickup and drop off. Smart Delivery service logistics staff are experts in regulatory requirements, including chain of custody procedures, transporting temperature-controlled goods using appropriate equipment and tracking proof of delivery electronically.Technology is very important factor when you call the medical courier. We provide that by tracking your package at all time on a google map. You can see the drivers at all time that is the confidence we provide to our customers. As we operate 24 hours 7 days to take care our patient care to our customers.  By keeping data privacy act is very important in our business. We carry out our work with seriousness with compassion, allowing us to become the leading courier service provider in medical transportation and specimen handling, with  over 28 years of experience in the medical courier field.